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Social Events

To us, keeping traditions matters just as much as starting new ones. So, we incorporate that into our social calendar — it would not be ADPi without our camo overalls and fluorescent orange for Mallard Ball in a crisp Chapel Hill October. And, when it warms back up in the spring, the long dresses come out to take pictures in front of the dogwoods for our Black Diamond Formal. In between our two biggest events lies a year of exciting functions to look forward to. Our date functions include the annual Parent’s Cocktail held at the Carolina Inn, to which all families are invited, and themed parties such as My Tie, Rhyme without Reason, and Tacky Christmas. In addition to date functions, we hold socials in conjunction with fraternities. Each year, our themes become more creative, varying from Popstars and Rockstars, to Throwdown for your Hometown. With 2-3 events per month, we have the right amount of well-deserved study breaks.

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