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Recruitment: What to Bring!

Updated: Jan 5

Welcome PNMS! We know recruitment can be daunting, and you may find yourself wondering what to bring along, but we've been there before and we're here to help!


First, we'll start out with the basics!

  • Bag- Whether it's a tote, backpack, or drawstring bag, you'll want to make sure you have something to carry anything you decide to bring with you. You'll be able to leave your bag outside of houses before entering.

  • Water- Chapel Hill can be really hot in August, especially when you're in the sun all day long, so don't forget to pack a water bottle & stay hydrated!

  • Extra Pair of Shoes- Recruitment involves a lot of walking (and maybe even a little running sometimes). Many PNMs decide to bring an extra pair of shoes along with them to swap out between rounds when commuting from one house to another.

  • Fan- A hand-held fan can come in handy when waiting outside of houses to help you stay cool!

  • Hairbrush/Makeup- If you think you may need a hair or makeup touch-up between rounds, make sure to bring your favorite items along with you!

  • ***Notebook- A notebook or even a pen and paper are essential during recruitment for writing down any notes you have after rounds. After a long day, it can be hard to remember specific details about different houses, so jotting down notes after each round to look back on can really help your recruitment process go smoothly!

  • Bandages- Make sure to bring some band-aids in case of any blisters for you or a friend.

Extra Items That May Come In Handy

  • Umbrella/Rain Coat- The weather can be unpredictable! Make sure to check your weather app and prepare in case of rain.

  • Sunscreen- Don't forget that you'll be in the sun a lot! Minimize the risk of any sunburn by bringing sunscreen along.

  • Blotting Paper- Blotting paper can be useful to help with sweat from the heat or makeup melting off, but don't worry sweating is inevitable, even for chapter members.

  • Money/Snacks- During your break period, you'll have time to grab a bite to eat, so either pack some food or bring some money along to stop somewhere!

While we hope that these recommended items will make your recruitment process as comfortable as possible, don't fret too much about packing the right things. The most important thing is that you feel your best. Your Gamma Chis will also be a source you can utilize to make sure you have all the items necessary for each round and will inform you if any special items may be needed (ie. a laptop). Don't be afraid to ask them for their recommendations as well. Good luck during recruitment & we can't wait to meet you!

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