"We Live for Each Other."


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Welcome to the website of the Beta Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at UNC Chapel Hill!

Originally called the Adelphean Society, ADPi was founded in 1851 as the first secret society for women. Our motto, "We live for each other," truly encompasses how we view our relationships with each other and our community. At ADPi, we value friendship and service while also emphasizing academics and leadership development, encouraging participation in outside organizations. Founded in 1939, the women of the Beta Upsilon chapter of Alpha Delta Pi have formed a strong and lasting sisterhood, and we look forward to opening our arms to a new pledge class every fall. We are proud of the unique qualities all of our members bring to our chapter that have shaped it into the community and sisterhood it is today. 




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Letter from our President

Welcome to the Beta Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill! My name is Grace Gao, and I am honored to be serving as our Chapter President this year.

Alpha Delta Pi has played a crucial role in defining my college experience. If you had asked me four years ago, I never would have imagined that I would be in a sorority - much less the president of one. I never saw myself as the typical "sorority girl" and, in all honesty, I still don't. But that's what I love about our chapter. I am constantly in awe of the appreciation for individuality in our sorority. Everyone I meet is so different with distinct personalities, backgrounds, and experiences. They say the people make the place, and Beta Upsilon is a true testament to that.

Truly, these women have taught me about acceptance of not only others but also of myself. Growing up, I struggled with my identity as an Asian American, and my race has always been a lingering source of insecurity. I often felt out of place and inferior because I didn't look like my peers, or I didn't have the opportunities or resources to share the same experiences as them. Going through recruitment, some of the most important things I was looking for were authenticity, acceptance, and support. And this sisterhood has given me everything I wanted and more. My sisters make me feel more than just welcome, they make me feel wanted. Here, differences are not ridiculed - they're valued and respected. Our motto "We Live For Each Other" speaks for itself. At Alpha Delta Pi, I felt a sense of belonging, something I hadn't experienced before.

Sure, I may not have anticipated joining a sorority but, even once I did, I did not expect it to have the impact on me that it has. Now, I don't want to know what my life would be like without this experience. My time in Alpha Delta Pi has gifted me with so much more than just unforgettable, lifelong friendships. It's given me countless leadership opportunities, unwavering support, endless Pi Luv, and so much more. It really has shaped me into the person, friend, and leader I am today. The relationships I've built, the memories I've made, and the wisdom I've gained are invaluable. I can't put into words how grateful I am for Alpha Delta Pi and these women, who push me to be the best version of myself, who play every role from mentor to confidant to family, and who encourage me to be unapologetically me.


Grace Gao

Beta Upsilon Chapter President