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Why ADPi #1

Meet Sophie Doherty from PC '21 and hear why she went ADPi!

“Recruitment was very important to me when coming to UNC, because I value family and meaningful connections and I knew there was a sorority out there that could give me just that. My best friend, Maddy, was an ADPi and always told me such great things about the chapter, but I wanted to see for myself. Maddy and I have a connection that feels like family and I looked for that when going through recruitment. ADPi immediately felt like home and every sister I spoke to made me feel a connection like I have with Maddy— as if I had known them forever. Family loves you for you, and I was embraced for who I was right as I joined ADPi. I knew I was in an environment where the love was genuine. After a year of being in ADPi, this feeling of acceptance has only grown stronger. ADPi has really shown me what it means to be a family and I’m so thankful for ADPi for surrounding me with girls who I will call my best friends forever!"

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