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Recruitment: What to Wear!

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

For me, I’d say one of the most stressful parts of recruitment was deciding what to wear. During recruitment you want to put your best self forward, and I always feel like the best version of myself when I like my outfit. Recruitment is divided up into a few different days and everyday the dress code is different! This can be stressful because you have to come up with five different outfits, but it’s also fun because you get five chances to show off your own personal style!

Let's break down the days and different outfits!

Days 1 & 2

Days one and two are the same. You are going to be on zoom so don’t bother finding

something to wear on the bottom, your favorite pair of sweatpants will do! I personally like wearing tops with cute sleeves because I think they look good on camera and whoever you are talking to is only going to see you from the shoulders up. Maybe wear that super cute top you bought over the summer or your favorite color! My best advice is to avoid tube tops (you don’t want to appear naked on zoom) and keep it somewhat professional, but also fun! Whatever you wear, you’ll look great!

Day 3

Day three you are going to wear your recruitment shirt that Panhellenic gives you. It’s not too fancy, just pair it with something you feel confident about! A lot of our members who went through recruitment last year decided on a cute skirt. This is great because it's cute, but will also keep you cool as you walk from house to house in the summer heat. Another great option is a fun pair of shorts! This is the first in person day which means LOTS of walking. Make sure you wear shoes you know you’ll be comfortable in or bring a backup pair.

Day 4

Day four is your chance to really show your style from head to toe! It’s still not super fancy, but dressier than days 1-3. You can never go wrong with a cute and casual sundress (again cool and comfy) or maybe wear a fun matching set or those cool pants you bought in the Zara sale, but just remember that North Carolina in August is HOT! The most important thing is to wear something that makes you feel like yourself! You want the girls you talk to get to know the real you, so let your personality shine in whatever you decide to wear!

Day 5

Day five is preference. This is when you will be down to your final houses and gearing up to make a big decision. It’s an important round, so time to dress up! You’ll definitely want to wear a dress, but it can be whatever style or color you like. When I was a PNM, my dress was white with purple flowers and I loved it! You will probably want to wear some casual heels or heeled sandals, but you will still be walking between houses, so possibly grab some sneakers to change into between rounds.

Recruitment is a really exciting few days. I had an absolute blast planning my outfits and getting ready each morning with butterflies in my stomach. It was definitely nerve wracking, but it was all worth it because I ended up in the perfect sorority for me!

Note: Take these outfits ideas for what they are: suggestions! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and like your best self. We really want to get to know you for your authentic self, so sticking true to this, you can't go wrong. No matter what, you look beautiful! :)

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